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Private Lesson 
11:35am 17/02/2014
  Good Morning !

On 13-th of April will be held big Gala in Estonia, Tartu.
I there any possibility to have one private lesson before it for my daughter who is a big admier of yours.
She is very good skater in her age.

Wait for your answer,
Brian Joubert fanvideo 
06:35pm 03/02/2010

Hey everyone! Hope this is allowed. I made a Brian fanvideo and wanted to share it with you. I hope you like it!



09:10pm 22/07/2008
  Brian is a great skater and one which i have supported through the years. On my skating video page you will find quite a lot of Brian Joubert videos :)  
07:37pm 02/01/2007
  Hi everybody!
if you are great fun of the best Skater - Brian Joubert and you know English or russian language - wellcome to ofisial forum russian fun-club of Brian Joubert! http://brianjoubert.ruhelp.com/
lastest news,many photos and more interesting!

if you want to talk about Brian and another skaters - my icq -210865481

have a fun))))))))
Hi everybody!!! 
02:58pm 05/05/2006
  The official Russian forum of a talеnted French skater Brian Joubert!You are welcome!

03:28pm 04/05/2006
  Hey everybody! I'm new here! My name's Sammy and I think Brian is great and very talented. I also own the (very new) community joubertfans. Feel free to join if you like!

Last night was spent making this montage of Brian. He's so lovely! Anyway, here it is, I hope you like it!

Brian Joubert in his Undewear 
09:15pm 16/04/2006
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09:08pm 11/04/2006
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Here are some Brian Jouber icons that I made just a couple of days ago.


brian joubert, 12 icons

Signing off, V.M. Bell
10:25pm 26/03/2006
  This is something I've been working on for awhile. Any sort of feedback is appreciated.

This is the finished product:

This is just the Brian "OMG is he hot" Joubert layer

The icon was a lot of fun to make, especially with such handsome and hot faces to look at for hours. I hope you enjoy.
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06:33am 15/02/2006
  Since we're obviously so alive in this community...

Article by John Zimmerman on men's short program: Untouchable

"Even with a clean free skate, I can see Joubert left off the podium because the rest of the contenders have a more complete package. Joubert tends to muscle his skating, and lacks the finesse and effortlessness of some of the others. The ice is slippery and anything can happen, as the pairs proved Monday."
Brian Joubert Icons 
03:58pm 22/12/2005
  Hi, I'm new here! My English is not so good, 'cause I'm brazilian, but...
I just made some icons of Brian... Enjoy it! Click here to see it! If you'll use, please credit, ok?
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08:20pm 23/10/2005
  SkateAmericaTrip018.jpg ugly pic of me...ok one of Brian...guys he has an AMAZING BODY!!! I will put up more pics of Skate America lata in the week  
04:48pm 03/06/2005
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Hi. I've made some icons.

Comment & credit, please.

-click here for some Weir, Plushenko and Cohen-
Come Join 
09:27pm 30/01/2005

Hey, I just made a new community for Alexei Yagudin! So if you are an Alexei fan, PLZ come and join alyosha_fans ! Let's get the community started!

P.S.: sorry for any inconvinience this advertisment may cause.


03:34pm 25/01/2005
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01:29pm 19/12/2004
  sorry i've been neglecting my quasi-mod duties

what did you guys think of marshalls?
brian hasn't been having a great season. maybe if he gets rid of the nina, the pinta, and the santa maria costume he'll do better? :)
French Kicks 
12:46pm 16/12/2004
  If you love brian joubert

you would so love this community

(its just starting out so we hardley have any posts)

12:20am 06/08/2004
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hey guys!

I LOVE brian joubert. I knew a little about him before but I really got interested after Worlds 2004. He didn't beat Plushenko! But that's ok cause plush is amazing.

but Brian..he's amazingly talented and such a looker too-and he's just my age so I am partiularly interested in him. did he appear in any magazines? His french accent is very charming. The matrix outfit for his long program was a veeery nice choice for him, i must say. Leather. yowza.

Have any of you sent fan-mail to Brian? If you did, did he respond ever? I'm thinking of sending him a letter or something around his birthday, sept 20. And how much does it cost to send mail from the USA to France, anyway?

thanks-add me if you want! if you wanna talk about Brian you can im me with AIM: ChickaDeevious

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I'm new 
02:11am 18/07/2004
  I just joined this community so I wanted to say hi to everyone. My name is Kim and I've been watching Brian skate for a couple of years. I also skate.
02:44pm 04/07/2004

Hey I just found this community!!!

I am a figure skater and I adore Brian Joubert!!!!

He's a really good skater and he's also very hot!