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hey guys!

I LOVE brian joubert. I knew a little about him before but I really got interested after Worlds 2004. He didn't beat Plushenko! But that's ok cause plush is amazing.

but Brian..he's amazingly talented and such a looker too-and he's just my age so I am partiularly interested in him. did he appear in any magazines? His french accent is very charming. The matrix outfit for his long program was a veeery nice choice for him, i must say. Leather. yowza.

Have any of you sent fan-mail to Brian? If you did, did he respond ever? I'm thinking of sending him a letter or something around his birthday, sept 20. And how much does it cost to send mail from the USA to France, anyway?

thanks-add me if you want! if you wanna talk about Brian you can im me with AIM: ChickaDeevious

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